Tuesday, September 25, 2012

8th FAVE EATS: Kraft Instant Mac & Cheese

I love cheese. I can live just eating cheese everyday. I mean, I CAN LIVE in just eating this panis na gatas araw-araw. Seryoso ako, kaya ko un. This is my ultimate comfort food at all times. Mapa-mainit man ang panahon o mapa-lamig man yan, cheese ang karamay ko sa lahat ng pagkakataon. Ang cheesy ko no?


My new found favorite snack to indulge my cravings for cheese.

Monday, September 24, 2012

RUN Post # 3: Adidas KOTR 2012 Race Kit

After weeks of waiting, finally I received my Adidas King of the Road 2012 race kit. Yeah!!! One week left, actually 6 days na lang, before Adidas KOTR run and still I can't improve my training. I've been on a strict training for about 2 weeks now, do not include these coming days okay, but I haven't finished 16.8K yet or even closer on my training.

On the other hand, I know that my once-every-other-day 10K training really helped me. Keeping the most comfortable pace until the end of my training, and sometimes finishing it hard with a faster pace. Oh, it just felt so gooood!


Let's take a look what's inside the kit:

A loot bag, this one is very useful to me. I can put my used shirts here after playing badminton. Hahaha. No need to bring plastics for me!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

7th FAVE EATS: Beef Salpicao, Certified US Angus Beef

It's Saturday night and we're here again on our favorite family dine-in restaurant in San Jose, Old 37. Yeah, dito na naman kami. Well sorry to say this but, wala naman kasi kami ibang choice. Kaya it's better to eat and eat here, all over and over, again and again dahil masarap naman ung food dito kesa naman ma-disappoint pa and unsatisfied lang kami sa iba, mas maganda na ung subok na namin. And so, we're here!

Beef Salpicao (Certified US Angus Beef), P259.00 (more or less)

(Again, sorry for the poor and shit-y quality of this scrumptious entrée I'm no expert in photography)

6th FAVE EATS: Dragon Fruit

It's just recently that I got addicted to these dragon fruits, eh wala naman siyang lasa. Basta masarap lang siyang kainin, period. No other explanation needed. 

This one is the white dragon fruit.

And this one is the red dragon fruit

Friday, September 21, 2012

RUN Post # 2: Failed to extend for another 5K

9 days before my 16.8K Adidas King of the Road run, and I still can't improve my training. That sucks! Maybe because I'm lack of sleep (I slept almost 1:00 AM waiting for my phone's update to finish) so I can't push myself harder or maybe because I'm alone in training? But...I don't think so coz I have an iPod (my alternative running buddy) with me. In every beat of the song I'm listening there comes a strong stride from my feet pushing myself to its limit. Still I finished my usual training, a 10K run with a time of 59 mins

Right after I finished my 10K training.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

5th FAVE EATS: Sopas ni Ate Elvie

Another Pinoy food merienda is what will I give you guys for tonight. Tamang-tama lang sa panahon natin ngayon (kung naririnig niyo lang ang lakas ng ulan dito sa San Jose) itong featured Fave Eats ko. At dahil maulan sa mga nakakaraang araw, I will give you guys a very Pinoy na Pinoy merienda. O eto na mainit-init pa. Please give a warm round of applause for Ate Elvie's SOPAS! Woohoo. . .

My first ever try of her sopas, last July 25, 2012

RUN Post # 1: Training for Adidas KOTR '12, 11 days left

11 days before Adidas KOTR 2012, and I can't stop my feet from training. Running myself for approximately 10 kilometers once every other day until Sept 30 is my program for my 16.8K run. 

This will be my comeback run since last year's Unilab Run United 3 (I was ranked 553rd place out of 2191 runners) and I'm not including the Outbreak Manila in Nuvali coz it was a damn full-packed Zombie hurdles and you just fucking need to think wisely (maging LAON ka dapat) on how to outrun those shit Zombies. But really, I do enjoy that run especially when I outrun those nasty Zombies for my life, este for the medal. (buti wala ako sakit sa puso)

 Just a proof for you guys to believe me that I really outrun the Zombies, and can you spot that red flag on my right (on your left of course)? That's my one last life to get that Survivor Medal. Get lost zombies. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

4th FAVE EATS: Sweet 'n Sour Lapu-Lapu ni Manang

My 2nd post for today. I can't wait for tomorrow to post this. May kasabihan nga tayo na, "Kung kaya mong gawin ngayon, eh di gawin mo na." So that famous kasabihan inspires me to write this down now. 

This seafood is my second ultimate favorite (of course, sugpo is on top of my list). Bata pa lang ako, laking Lapu-Lapu na ako. May nagdadala kasi sa bahay ng seafoods fresh from Dagupan, kaya naging suki na kami nun so almost twice/ thrice a month nagdadala na siya ng seafoods sa'min. Kaya lumaki ako na mahilig sa mga pagkaing dagat. 

Sweet and Sour Lapu-Lapu

Thank God for our new Manang, she knows how to cook my favorite luto of Lapu-Lapu.

3rd FAVE EATS: Karioka Balls

Do you guys missed me? Haha. (asa naman ako) Sorry for missing me last weekend, ha! Medyo naging busy lang ako with my pinsans hanging out. (still hoping na na-miss niyo nga ako) Oh well, papel, "Iba talaga pag Bea-John Lloyd eh, no?" - Cholo Francisco 
Iba ung tirada nang kilig sa love team nilang dalawa. Parang paputok, UST Fireworks

Karioka (Coconut Rice Balls with Brown Sugar Coating)

This one is my most recent favorite merienda. But actually I already tasted it before, however ngayon ko lang na-realize na masarap pala siya. And of course pag masarap ang isang pagkain, tiyak walang kawala yan sa'kin. 

 3 yummy Karioka Balls.

Friday, September 14, 2012

2nd FAVE EATS: Kamoteng Nilubyan with Bukayo

One of the best food and my most favorite to eat, Pinoy Meriendas. These are my comfort foods. Biko, palabok, ispageti, lomi, halo-halo, mais con yelo, banana sweet, paradusdos, sopas, name it, paborito ko'ng lahat yan. Simpleng-simple lang pero di papatalo sa lasa ng iba. Pang 5-star restaurant sa sarap pero murang-mura. O san ka pa?! Masarap na, mura pa!

Kamoteng Nilubyan w/ Binukayong Niyog

 Manang arrived just right on time

Thursday, September 13, 2012

1st FAVE EATS: Baby Back Ribs @ Old 37

Hi to you again. My Cebu trip hangover was completely past so as the lechon, halo-halo, danggit and otap down to my stomach. I don't know how many pounds or kilos I've gained but who cares, ang sarap kayang kumain. Tsaka bakasyon nga diba? You have freedom to do anything, eat anything, taste anything and try anything you want. That's freedom, man! 

Baby Back Ribs @ Old 37

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

4th Post: La Marea Pastry Shop and Lavazza Café

I told you I still got that vacation hangover from my trip last week to Cebu. I'm still delighted in all the things I've seen in Cebu, sobrang gaganda at babait ng mga tao dito kaya sure na sure akong babalikan ko tong lugar na to. 

After having breakfast at Glo Cafe, Crown Regency Plaza, that serves us and the other guests a one damn full-packed American buffet breakfast, we crave for some Cebuano desserts. Oo, nabitin pa kami sa buffet breakfast namin sa lagay na un ah kaya nakuha pa namin lumipat ng ibang café para mag-dessert. 

The unsatisfied (being sarcastic) buffet eaters: Tita Ellen, Cheska, Jamie, and Just.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

3rd Post: ZUBUCHON "Best Pig...EVER"

Hello to you again. This will be the 3rd post for my Cebu Trip. Sorry may hang-over pa rin ako sa bakasyon ko last week sa Cebu. And I'm sure lahat ng turista na bumisita dito, eh parehas kami nang nararamdaman pagkatapos ng bakasyon - gustong bumalik

Cebu is known so well of their lechon or suckling pig (English term). Lechon is a Spanish word pala so malamang sa malamang sila ang nagpasimuno nito. Kaya Pinoys must thank the Spaniards dahil kung di dahil sa kanila wala tayong lechon na 'bida tuwing handaan' ngayon.

"Best Pig...EVER" - Anthony Bourdain

Saturday, September 8, 2012

2nd Post: Bantayan Island, Special Halo-Halo

I am telling you, this is not your "Ordinary" halo-halo.

1st Post on my Food Blog: Cou Cou Bar Restaurant (Bantayan Island, Cebu)

First time kong magbo-blog ng [personal] reviews ko sa mga restaurants na nakainan ko, so sorry na lang (in advance) kung medyo hilaw at baguhan pa lang ako sa pagiging food critique ko, ha?! 

Sure naman ako na habang tumatagal (kung tatagal nga) masasanay at magiging expert din ako sa pagiging food critique/ blogger ko. 

So let's begin...