Wednesday, January 9, 2013

COCOL @ Milka Krem


So, how many calories you guys had over the Holiday? 

Compute compute! 

Yeah I know, it's really hard to know. Because of the non-stop "kain-dito-kain-doon" celebration, it's really hard to monitor how much food you consumed. No one does, even a Math teacher can't. Maybe some people who are depriving themselves from the Holiday Season. For God sake, it's Christmas time! Stop dieting! :)

And honestly yes, I still have a Holiday hang over. *burp*

MILKA KREM Fresh & Natural
@ PCC, Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija

 (Photo by DA USec. Segfredo Serrano)

It's my second time here at Milka Krem. The first time I was with my friends, and the second time which is today I was with my Mama. Oo naman para libre! 

Here's there Menu:

Some dairy products freshly made just for you! 
(Fresh Milk, Flavored Milk, Yogurt Drink, Cheese, Pastillas) 

Yes, I assure you guys that they really serve only fresh and natural products. It's because their factory is just right behind this store. Wise, isn't it?