Friday, March 29, 2013


So after a year (well, almost) of waiting, exploring what's gonna happen to me after graduating from college, I am now decided, fully decided that I'm following the line of my parents in putting up my own business. Take note, my own business. Hahaha mayabang

But of course, guidance of my parents will always be present. Hindi pwedeng mawala yun. I may be the Manager but my parents are the Boss. They're still the one who makes the decisions, taga-sunod lang ako. Well maybe yes, when the right time comes, that I can decide wisely on my own, then that's the time that I could finally consider myself one of the Boss.

(Isn't it obvious that I'm the owner of this pawnshop? Haha)

It's been almost 2 months now, and I'm happy to say I'm enjoying it. Waking up at 6 in the morning, everyday, is quite my type. Oo, feeling ko sobrang productive ko na ngayon. Unlike these past months, 8 am is the earliest time na nagigising ako. But now, for me, 7 am is already late. (Wala pa dyan ang 5 am gising ko every other day ha when I'm jogging) It only means that this business keeps me doing things that I don't normally do. Parang bawal na gamot na dati hindi naman ako gumagamit, ngayon hindi pa rin naman. Haha. Well the point is, I'm being responsible now because I already have my obligations. 

Just like the other newly built businesses, it's really hard to handle the business at first. Nangangapa pa kasi ako eh. But as time goes by, of course, with all the experiences and knowledge that I get from everyday's work, I know it will become as easy as playing badminton. Mama-master ko rin ang foot works and strokes ng pagpapatakbo ng negosyo. Sipag at tyaga lang ang kailangan!