Saturday, November 24, 2012

17th FAVE EATS: Truffettes de France Chocolate

BEWARE: This is extremely addicting!

Available on S&R Shopping Center
Php 599

The box said it all. French Truffles, Natural dusted with Cocoa Powder

These chocolate truffles are packed into two golden foil-like plastics, full-packed each. And yes, it is packed in gold because it carries a premium taste, not-your-ordinary kind of chocolate. 

Although the Cocoa powder melts a bit, it still tastes oh-so fucking heavenly good

It's indeed a love at first bite. 

Up to my second bite, pure chocolate love watering my mouth, non-stop.

Who says I'm done? Ah-ah, not yet. But this time, I'm licking my finger to end this fairy-tale story of eating this chocolate Truffle. 

The pictures said it all. So do I need to rate it? Fine, it's 11 out of 10

Happy eating!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NOW OPEN: Kantina (Lugaw, Tapsi, Atbp.)

KANTINA (Lugaw, Tapsi, Atbp.)
Bonifacio St., Brgy. Rafael Rueda Sr., San Jose City,
Nueva Ecija (near Baliwag Terminal)

So I am back. I've never been busy this much since I am schooling. Alam mo na syempre pag college, you experience sleepless nights reviewing for the major exams (Prelims and Finals) and of course the 'the-shit', I mean the thesis which we call ours, Marketing Plan. But really, I missed being busy.

One thing that keeps me so busy right now is this newly opened business of my Mama together with her two sisters. It opened last October 30, and since then my sleeping habits became disastrous. I became nocturnal bantay sa gabi. But yeah, I'm enjoying it.

So here's our Menu:

As of the moment, we only have 2 kinds of meals, the Lugaw Varieties and the Silog Meals. But don't you worry guys, this is only an introduction for our Menu, we're still trying to work things out for the additional set of menu.

Here are some of the food I already tried, and no bias, it was all good. 

Tapsilog (Php 75) - Personal favorite of mine, beef tapa with garlic rice, fried egg and atsara. This is  Mama's very own recipe. 

Chixilog (Php 65) - This one is Tita Ellen's recipe; 3 pcs. chicken lollipop, garlic rice, fried egg and atsara. 

Porksilog (Php 65) - Fried porkchop, garlic rice, fried egg, and of course our specialty made atsara. 

Tocilog (Php 65) - Pork tocino, garlic rice, fried egg and atsara.

Of course, it won't be complete without our thirst quencher drinks. Here we have Red Iced Tea and my Tita Ogie's special Sago't Gulaman.

Red Iced Tea (Php 25)

Sago't Gulaman (Php 20)

Thank you to my friends who come and visit Kantina during its opening week. I appreciate it. Thanks guys!

Special thanks to Yasmin for being our most valued customer! :))

So guys, if you're near San Jose City area, you might wanna visit our newly opened restaurant, Kantina. And I assure you will enjoy our Pinoy na Pinoy food there. See you!

Happy eating!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

16th FAVE EATS: S&R New York Cheesecake

Wow! Just like that and it's November already. Christmas is really fast approaching, coming in like a snap of a finger. And what I am excited about Christmas, of course aside from the gifts and aguinaldos I'm going to receive haha, is the non-stop eating of sinful lechon and hamon

And also don't forget my favorite queso de bola which is for me the star of Noche Buena.

(Php 99)

Gulat kayo? Yeah, it's only Php 99. I know it's cheap for a cheesecake but trust me on this, it's really good. Although I didn't like much the bottom crust of the cake coz it tastes a bit dusty (parang madumi sa bibig haha), I still devoured the whole thing in no time.