Sunday, June 28, 2015

My First Million Peso

How to earn a million peso?

Interesting question, yes?

Easy to answer, but really hard to commit.

So really, how to earn a million peso?

At the age of 23, I'm proud, of course, very proud of myself  that I already earned my FIRST F*CKING MILLION PESO. 

When I graduated from college, my parents gave me a lump sum from my educational plan as a graduation gift. They told me that it'll mine as a reward for graduating on-time. Well I think even though I did not graduated on time, it'll still go on my pocket, because I'm their only son anyway. Ha ha ha. So the original plan is to buy that money a brand new car. But a blessing in the sky came to me. A relative of mine share his insights on putting up a business. He helped me. Trained me. Encouraged me. And I gave him credits for what I have now. 

2013. I started to put up my own business. 

2015. After two years of hard work (blood, sweat & tears), with the help of my parents and family and of course God, my business started to get noticed, grow up and finally giving me my first million peso. With that short time I think, I am really lucky to earn that.


Goal. I set my goal. What do I want to achieve in life. Set a timeline and work work work for it.

Risk. Risk-Return Tradeoff, the higher the risk, the higher the return. I do believe that in order to be successful in life, we should all take risks. Not only in business but also in our daily lives. I'm just wise on where to take my risks because it's not every time it will make returns, sometimes it also losses. 

Hunger. Human nature. I am never contented on what I have and what I am. I still have a lot to learn, achieve and strive for. So I stay hungry. Push myself to my limits because I will never know them if I just play safe.

Mistakes. Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes but if we do, we learn from it. I'm never afraid in making mistakes because I will never get my success if I never failed. 

At a young age, achieving this much is really something to be proud of. I swear to God, I'm just lucky. Without all the opportunities He and my family gave me, I'm nothing. I just used my luck wisely. 

Happy reading!