Saturday, October 29, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

When I saw this letter having no person to address to, I got curious. I began to wonder whom that letter should be addressed. And so I read it. I was shocked. I was amazed; amazed of how Papa wrote a such killer letter. Sobrang matalinhaga! Sobrang malaman! Sobrang nakakadala! I'm not that involved to that letter pero masasabi kong "King ina. Kahit di ako un, tinamaan ako." Ganon kalakas ung impact sa akin nung letter not because my Papa was the one who wrote it, but it was the message that really catched me. Kaya to whoever this letter should be addressed, I really hope you can read it.

"I don't want to talk to you about the law, as the law can be interpreted differently to suit one's vested interest.
I don't want to talk to you about the long time honored tradition, as only honorable men honor it, anyway.
I don't want to talk to you about decency and propriety, as we both know the decent and proper thing to do.
I don't want to talk to you about respect for a dearly departed and his family, as it is embedded in our culture.
Neither do I want to talk to you about value for relationships that last - family and true friends, as we both know that in the end, they are our true treasures."

"I don't want to talk to you about all these things - the law, the time honored tradition, decency and propriety, respect for the dead and value for relationships that last - because for some people in politics, these things do not matter that much. And I dare say, correct me if I'm wrong, our issue at hand has gone down to this level because the things I've mentioned above, do not matter to you that much."

"So let me talk to you about politics. I am no expert in it. I don't even have a direct experience in it. I maybe naive on its wheeling and dealings, and the way it works. But I am a keen observant, so take my words for whatever they maybe worth - with a grain of salt, perhaps."

"May I also ask you to be patient with me, as I was patient with you when I tried to call you by phone just to ask for an appointment, but you answered with a litany of laws and justifications for your stand on the issue. I didn't intentionally cut you off. I happened to be using a pre-paid sim and my P150 load expired. My apologies!"

"Lesson No. 1: A good leader knows how to listen. For an aspiring leader like you, its best to heed this advice."

"Let us take the case of Pres. Noynoy Aquino. The guy didn't have any immediate plans of running for the Presidency. But because of the death of his beloved mother, he was pushed into it and eventually won overwhelmingly. Pia Cayetano, unknown at that time, was thrown into the limelight after the death of her father and won a seat at the Senate. Magnolia Antonio, a substitute candidate for her husband who died during the campaign, was elected Senator despite the odds."

"Or why do you think Jinggoy Estrada, a second rate actor, and his mother, Dra. Loi Ejercito won the election after Pres. Erap was thrown out of MalacaƱang. Or how come Sen. Orly Mercado, a popular figure with that pepsodent smile and a shoo-in every election in the past, lost in his bid for the Senate in the same election? He was perceived to be a 'traitor' by Erap's followers."

"My friend, take a hard look at the psyche of the voting Filipinos. Profit by these examples and pay heed to the warning. Need I say the obvious?"

"I often here from astute politicians that politics is addition. It is always a numbers game."

"Ano sa tingin mo ang nararamdaman ng isang pamilya na nawalan ng ama, at ngayon ay inaagawan pa ng karapatdapat para sa kanya? Ano sa tingin mo ang nararamdaman ng isang pamilya, sa taong inaakala nila na kasama at kasangga subalit ngayon ay siya pang masidhi ang pagnanasa na agawin ang nararapat para sa kanilang ama?"

"Kaibigan, alam ko na matapos ang isang matinding pagkatalo, ay nais mong magbalik pulitika."

"Huwag mong maliitin ang lakas at kakayahan ng isang tao na nahalal ng dalawang ulit bilang Kapitan ng isang Barangay na marunong magmahal ng sariling kanila. Huwag mong maliitin ang lakas at kakayahan ng isang tao na nahalal ng limang ulit bilang Kagawad ng ating Lungsod. Huwag mong maliitin ang lakas at kakayahan ng isang tao na hindi pa nakakatanggap ng pagkatalo sa kanyang mga laban - ang kauna-unahang Kagawad ng ating Lungsod at nag-iisa sa kasalukuyan, na nakabalik mula sa sapilitang pamamahinga sa pulitika. Huwag mong maliitin ang isang politiko na ang pangunahing sandata ay ang kanyang pamilya at yaman sa pakikisama."

"Paalala lang sa iyo kaibigan, sa ginagawa mo ngayon, I dare say to you: YOU HAVE NOTHING TO GAIN BUT EVERYTHING TO LOSE! Huwag mong hayaang ito ang maging tuldok sa iyong buhay pulitika."

----> "Are you wondering why Pres. Gloria Macapagal - Arroyo was haunted by the issue of legitimacy during her incumbency that up to now so many people are unkind to her? It was perceived by the people that she stole the Presidency, not only once but twice."

Enough said...


(Updated: 11-27-2011)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I wonder why. . .

Another day had been passed, and I still can't believed Tatay was already gone. What last Sept. 25's tragedy wasn't easy for me to just sinked it in. It was like a disease without cure. It keeps on killing me from deep sorrow and pain. Why did you do this to me? To Mama? To Nanay? To us? You should've at least wait for Christmas and New Year. Or if possible just until my birthday, or until my graduation. Why did you leave us so soon? I even got no chance of saying "Tay, andito ako. Complete tayo sa Sunday hapunan natin." But no. You're too selfish for leaving us so soon. You're so unfair! You made us all feel that you didn't fight for yourself, that you didn't fight for us. It was like you just drop your gun, raise your white flag and you just surrender your life. What kind of life would be for us now without you? If you're the only strength that we're sticking to. I really missed you, Tay! 


Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Day of Regret, A Day to Forget



I can't explain the feeling. I'm not crying, I just don't feel well, severely not feeling good. Of course, who'll be happy if that shit happens to you?! I know everybody will have the same emotion like mine. Actually, I don't even know why am I blogging this, maybe it's because of extreme emotions and for the sake of hiding my feelings to my mom and dad. I want them to see me strong like nothing happens. I want to be the reason why they need to move on and continue a happy life. I know that it's really hard for them right now to accept the fact that our loving Tatay is already gone. But I know, in time, they will recover from this agony. Now, I just need to be their for Mama and Papa.

"Tay, alam ko na andito ka pa rin sa tabi namin palagi. Ayoko man maniwalang wala ka na, pero un ang katotohanan eh. Ang daya mo naman! Di mo man hinintay ung birthday ko! Paano na ung promise mo sakin? Sino na mag-aasikaso ng birthday ko pag wala ka na? Wala na. Sino na ung parating kumakamusta sakin pag umuuwi ako ng San Jose? Sino na ung magbibigay sakin ng paborito kong saging? Sino na ung ikakampanya ko tuwing eleksyon? Wala na. Pero Tay, mamimiss kita! Sobra-sobra! Alagaan mo parati sa Nanay ha, wag mong hahayaan na may mangyari sa kanyang masama. Kung kasama mo na ung dalawa kong kapatid, pakisabi din po na bantayan nila si Mama at Papa na wala ding mangyaring masama. Ako po, kaya ko na ung sarili ko. Sobrang mamimiss kita Tay! Mahal na mahal kita!"

September 25, 2011 - Sunday, a day of regret, a day to forget.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Shit Happens. . .

It's been a week since that shit happened to me.

A shock that killed me to hell. A state that almost put me into death. And a place that made me suffer, sick and miserable. Everybody knew what happened that night except me. I'm lost. I'm wasted. Everybody's having fun at me, and I can't do anything about it. I'm just trying to enjoy the night but it ended the other way around. (But yeah I enjoyed the night) I was drinking, dancing and mingling with friends and some other acquaintances. I was trying to savor up the drinks, the place and the whole party itself. All I want that night is to have fun. To loosen up all the stress in school and in life. But the real question was, WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO ME? I was blind sided of what happened that night. I was trying to recall all the things I've done but unfortunately I can't remember anything. As in real, I can't remember any thing! The last thing I remember was I was inside the comfort room and that's it. BOOM! It all went out like a dream. 

What happened that night was so strange. As in pala-isipan na sa akin kung ano ang mga nangyari after that scene. Di ko alam kung ano na ang nangyari. Sunday, 2 o'clock in the afternoon, I woke up lying on my bed inverted. "Tang ina" I told to my self. "Anong nangyare?" Paano ako nakauwi? Anong oras ako nakauwi? Sino naghatid sa akin? Sino nagbihis sa akin? Bakit ako andito? - the questions I asked to myself right after I woke up. The only thing I felt that time was my head feeling like it's breaking into pieces. Parang may heartbeat ang ulo ko sa sakit. Nahihilo na ako that time, nasusuka. Gusto kong umiyak pero wala naman ako magagawa. I was left home alone, walang kasama, ako lang mag-isa. I  turned on the TV. Asked again my self, WHAT HAPPENED? Tang ina. I can't fully express my feelings. Nababadtrip ako, na nalulungkot, na natatawa, at nahihiya. Sobrang wasak. Sobrang fail! One thing I assured myself, NAGKALAT ako! And it's not the usual me. Ako pa, sobrang okay ako. Walang masyadong problema sa buhay, love life lang. Pero para magkalat ng sobra, THAT's NOT ME. Pero what happened? Ano ang nangyari sa akin? Bakit ganon. I lost control. I lost discipline. I lost my self. And now, I almost lost my dignity and pride. Parang wala na akong mukang maipagmamalaki sa mga tao. I really can't believe that it'll happen to me. Of all people, WHY ME?


Monday, July 18, 2011

Torpedong Bata

Pinatunayan ko na naman na talagang hanggang salita lang ako. Bad! I did all my best naman to say it, pero why oh why, that I still can't do it. I am trying to change the topic pero nilalamon ako ng kaba ko at pilit umuurong dila ko. Damn it! This happened so many times na at talagang paulit-ulit lang ang mga nangyayari. Di na ako natuto. Ung feeling na kapag andyan na siya, kaharap ko na, pero di ko man lang masabi kung ano ung mga gusto ko talagang sabihin. Eh pota, anong gagawin ko. Di ko na talaga alam kung papaanong way ko sa kanya masasabing mahal ko siya. At ung word na "LIGAWAN" eh talagang nawawala sa vocabulary ko pag kaharap na siya. Di ko talaga alam kung bakit sa tuwing magkikita kami, talagang di ko masabi. Ung tipong bigas na ung lumalapit sa manok pero di pa matuka. Parang ako, andyan na siya sa harapan ko, pero di ko naman masabi kung ano talaga ang gusto ko. 


Bakit ba kasi ginawan pa ng kanta ng Eraserheads to (TORPEDO). Di naman nakakatulong sa mga taong umiibig tulad ko. Yuck! Ang sabaw na ng utak ko, sobrang ka-cornyhan na lang ang lumalabas sa isip ko. Puta! But I'm still hoping na one day, at the right time and place with the right person, magagawa ko ring sabihin sa kanya na mahal na mahal ko siya. Alam kong actions speak louder than words. Pero I want assurance lang na kung talagang alam niyang mahal ko siya. Masama bang hilingin un?


Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Big Day for me Tomorrow!

Bukas, isang malaking desisyon ang gagawin ko sa buhay ko. Sobrang tagal kong pinag-isipan at pinag-ipunan. Pinag-ipunan ko ng lakas ng loob at tapang ng hiya. Knowing me, I really don't do this thing. Pero anong mangyayari kung di ko to gagawin? Wala namang ibang way na alam kong mas makakabuti sa nararamdaman ko. Ito lang, itong pigil-hiningang gagawin ko. Wala rin akong alam na ibang reason na makakasama sa akin o sa amin ito, dahil ang totoo, ito ang tama. Para matapos na ang lahat ng paghihirap ko, at paghihinala niya, aamin na ako. Eh anong magagawa ko, un talaga ang totoo.

TIME? I think naman na ang oras ay sobrang sapat na para gawin ko to at sabihin kung ano ang nararamdaman ko. I know, I sound jologs, pero what can I do? Un talaga ang totoo eh. I waited so long and I think 3 years are already enough. Imagine, for 3 years, I didn't do anything. Isa akong tanga dahil sinayang ko lang ang panahon na un. Pero this time, I won't waste any single of it. Pucha, maikli lang ang buhay no. I never know, baka bukas patay na ako. Tapos di ko man masasabi sa kanya kung ano ang totoong feelings ko for her. Actually alam naman niya eh, it's just so happen na malabo. Malabo ang alam lang niya na may gusto ako sa kanya, malabo na kung siya lang ba talaga at malabo na totoo bang mahal ko siya. 

HOW? I don't have any plans on how I'm gonna say it to her. Wala ng plano plano! Kung ano masabi ko, un na. Bahala na kung ano ang mangyari. Magmumukang hindi ako sincere kapag praktisado eh. Tsaka di naman talaga pinagpa-practice ang mga ganitong bagay. It's spontaneous at kailangan natural lang. Ma-reject man ako o hindi, at least I take the risk. At least nasabi ko sa kanya na mahal ko siya. Pero sa totoo lang, mali ang reason na may at least eh. Mas tama siguro na hindi ko papayagang mawala siya ng paulit-ulit sa akin. Yung parang talagang ipaglalaban ko ung nararamdaman ko sa kanya. Kasi ganon naman talaga ang nananalo diba? Hindi tumitigil. Kaya kung meron man siguro akong plano ngayon, un ay ang hindi tumigil na mahalin siya. Dahil ganun ang true love! Patibayan kami kung sino ang bumigay, siya ang talo. Kung bumigay siya, well akin siya! :">

GOOD LUCK! Oh men. This is it. Magkikita kami bukas 3PM! I don't know how to start the conversation pero basta! Bahala na kung ano ang mangyayari. I'm just so confident na masasabi ko na this time, personally and OFFICIALLY, kung ano talaga ang totoo. Na I love her! :">


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Yamaha Run for Heroes 2011

July 03, 2011 (Sunday)
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Nice petiks run for me. It's been awhile since I joined a 21k run. It's been what, uhm... more than a month going two, since the last time. And I'm glad to be back on running. Ang sarap kaya mag-marathon. Parang you're losing half of your weight after running. Sobrang gaan sa feeling. Even though stressed out ang katawan at ang legs, still masarap pa rin sa pakiramdam. And the self-fulfillment after finishing a run, is just so great. It's like winning a lottery, 5 times! Kaso, it's not a cash prize. GROCERIES!!! Haha. Yeah. Lalo na pag ang sponsors ng run puro nasa food industry like Century Tuna, etc. At walang kasawa-sawang SAMPLE MEDICINES!!! At dyan nangunguna ang Unilab. But the best prize that I'm really dying for is the 21K FINISHER SHIRT and THE MEDAL!!! Up to my ears ang tuwa ko pag meron un. Wala ng sakit sakit sa paa. Yan na ang Alaxan ko!

The poster of Yamaha Run. May raffle prize na motor, sayang didn't win.

(L-R): Paolo, Tito Dong, Cholo, Me, Ian

Tito Dong and Paolo Talplacido run 5K, and Cholo, Ian and me run 21K. At start, kaming dalawa lang ni Ian ang magkasama, then maybe after some time, nakita namin si Kuya Cholo. We run in pace lang, 'coz mahirap tumakbo in sprint all the way pag long distances. Not enough training and kulang pa sa experience. Haha. We're not build to win and compete to those Kenyans who run like shit, we're built lang to finished and have a good PR. Maybe next time, competition between Kenyans and us na. Haha. In our dream! 

Cholo, Ian and I, were planning to build a team. Haha pacing team lang. It's good to have running buddies during long runs. Kaya if you're interested and you want to join and run with us, just tell me. I'm telling you, IT'S REALLY FUN! 

Me, after the 21K run. The medal was delayed daw kaya wala pa akong suot na medal. Too bad! Pero they promised that they'll delivered it to us, sana totoo lang. Kundi demandahan to. Di pwedeng wala akong medal. 

I finished the 21K run in 2 hours, 26 minutes and 20 seconds. Not a good PR for me, pero it's good na rin having not enough training and practice. Tsaka I really enjoyed the run kasi sobrang chill lang talaga namin pero diba oh, halos 2 and a half hours lang namin kinuha. Nice na rin un.

One more thing, WALA AKONG PICTURE while running. Actually meron, pero di ko mahanap kung nasan! If ever may alam, here's my bib no, 1253, pakihanap naman oh. Sana kasi photovendo na lang ang partner ulit ng RunRio eh. Galante sa pictures un eh. Tsk. Tsk.

'Til the next run!!! :-bd


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pencil and Eraser

I just read this short conversation on Facebook. Nakakatawa lang kasi nagsearch ako ng name sa google then nakita ko ung link na to tapos nabasa ko at natawa ako. Natawa in a sense na medyo may tama rin. Haha. It's so funny kasi while I'm reading it I already knew that it will be so deep senti. Pero binasa ko pa rin at tama naman ako. Here it goes.

Pencil: Im sorry

Eraser: For what?

Pencil: I'm sorry because you get hurt because of me! Whenever I made a mistake, you're always there to erase it, but as you make my mistakes vanish, you lose a part of yourself! :(

Eraser: That's true, but i dont really mind. You see, I was made to do this. I was made to help you whenever you do something wrong. Even though one day, I know i'll be gone & you'll replace me w/ a new one! :)


Friday, June 17, 2011

Good Luck, OR

This is it. Ito na un oh!

First seatwork namin bukas sa Operations Research 1. Maybe not all of us are real nervous for tomorrow's first judgement day! Pero if you asked me, I am DAMN nervous for tomorrow's OR Seatwork. King ina! Okay sige, I'm very well confident taking/ answering Math seatworks/ quizzes but this time hindi, sobrang kinakabahan ako. I can't explain why pero siguro dahil na rin sa mga news about how our prof gives her tests to her students. Some says sobrang hirap, then other says halos siya lang daw ang may kaya sagutin ung problem na pinapa-solve niya. Syempre sino ba ang di matatakot sa ganong klaseng babala. Pero nagreview naman na ako. Tsaka I'm very eager to learn her subject naman. Sobrang nakikinig nga ako sa discussions niya eh. Even though there's always a fear na matawag ako kapag discussion/ recitation. Ah basta, bahala na bukas. Good luck to us, especially to me. Be good Miss Bandojo!


Friday, May 27, 2011

It's nice to see you again Baguio

May 20-22, 2011 (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

This is our second and maybe the last stop for Summer 2011. Of course, favorite place namin ang Baguio. And there's no way na mawawala ito sa list of places na pupuntahan namin every summer. 2-3 hours away lang naman ito from Nueva, kaya it's so practical puntahan, tapos very relaxing pa. Sobrang lamig, walang patawad ang lamig. Although di pa naman talagang tapos ang summer, nagpa-welcome na ng ulan ang Baguio sa amin last Friday. Siguro nga talagang patapos na ang summer. Too bad! Pero okay lang, favorite naman din namin ang cold weather eh. Isa kami sa mga kayang tiisin ang lamig ng Baguio. At ito ang patunay.

We arrived at around 12 noon, saktong-sakto lang para mag-lunch. Casa Vallejo, a hotel in Baguio na sobrang epic ang katandaan. See, since 1909 pa to and until now nakatayo pa rin. In spite of all the lindol and bagyo na dumating, ayun still standing and kicking pa rin. Pero ni-renovate na siya last year pa. And modernized na ang style nung hotel. At ang balita, kahit na nirenovate na siya, madami pa rin daw kababalaghan ang nagaganap sa hotel na ito. Haha! So funny. Mga matatanda nga naman talaga oh. 

Inside the hotel, there's a restaurant called Hill Station, and we had lunch there. We didn't checked-in in the hotel, but there resto is open for public. Ang ganda ng place, sosyal. The price of their food was a bit expensive. Good thing I'm with my family to pay for my bill. :)

Having a good time eating our lunch at Hill Station, Casa Vallejo. 

Of course, it will not be complete without my favorite part of the meal, desserts. We tried 3 different kinds of their best seller desserts. At walang kaduda-duda, masasarap nga sila. I forgot their names though, just look at the pictures. Sobrang heaven!

Okay, I remembered it. I ordered Death by Chocolate Cake. And trust me, it's really deadly. It's a moist brownie with dark chocolate filling inside and vanilla ice cream on top. The contrast between the freshly baked brownie, yeah it's still hot, and the vanilla ice cream, which is of course cold, was a perfect match! 

After having lunch. Oh diba? Ang taba namin ni Mama, halatang busog na busog na busog. Good start para sa mahaba-habang paglilibot. :)

Thank you Mommy Vener for letting us to stay in your house for 3 days. Ayun, sobrang spoiled kami kay Mommy. Breakfast, lunch, at dinner pinagluluto niya kami ng sobrang sasarap na food. Kulang na nga lang pati merienda and midnight snack ipag-handa niya kami. Sobrang thoughtful at caring ni Mommy V. Ginawa niya kaming apo lahat. 

50's DINER
92 Upper General Luna Road cor Brent Road, Baguio City

Wala kaming pinalampas na oras. After magpahinga ng sandali sa house nila Mommy Vener, nag-merienda kami agad sa 50's Diner. Sabi nila sobrang sarap daw ng burger and banana split dito eh. So hindi talaga namin pinalampas un. 

Their oh-so famous burger. Largest here in Baguio, ata? Sing-laki lang naman ng muka ko.

And there very own banana split. It's just like an ordinary one but it tastes better kasi nasa Baguio ka. Three scoops of ice cream, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate, banana of course, and a cherry and nuts topping it off. 


On our second day here at Baguio, we went to Camp John Hay. Masarap kasi mag-shopping sa Mile Hi Commissary, kasi mura. Tsaka syempre kumain na rin. We had breakfast already before leaving Mommy V's house, bawal kasi ang di kumain dun dahil nakaluto na agad pagkagising namin, nakakahiya naman. Wala akong picture ng mga niluto ni Mommy pero sobrang dami niyang hinanda samin. Imagine, 10 lang kaming magb-breakfast, pero pang-20 pagkain ang niluto niya. Breakfast lang parang hanggang pang-dinner na. Tapos ang sasarap pa. Pano ba namang hindi ako tataba diba? 

We decided to have our lunch at Original Mile Hi Diner.  Sobrang sulit ang bayad mo dito, medyo mahal pero ang serving pang-dalawang tao. Ang saraaaap!

Mama's order -  beef with broccoli. 

Mine is Chicken and Bacon Burritos. This is the best. Walang sinabi ang Taco Bell sa burritos nila. Lalo na ung salsa na kasama, tatlong masasarap. Talagang patabaan ang labanan dito. 

Ang mga binusog ng Mile Hi Diner.
(L-R) Tito Jomer, Tita Ogie, Jaja, Carlos, Mama, and Me.

Sobrang daming nagbebenta ng ganyang cap. Mga iba-iba pang designs. Gusto ko sana bumili kaso walang kasya sa malaki kong ulo at sa makapal kong buhok. #longhairedpains :(

After a very tiring day, nagparelaks-relaks lang kami sa Kaffe Klutch. I dunno where exactly it is pero napaka-cozy ng place. Sobrang relaxing because of the live band na kumakanta ng puro mellow dramatic songs. Tapos ang sarap din ng mga coffee nila. Mas mahal kesa sa ibang coffee shop pero sulit na rin dahil sa live band na non-stop kumakanta. 

Cheska and I went there mga 9PM at madami ng mga tao. Medyo puno na ung lugar kasi di masyado malaki ung place. Ayun, nagstay kami hanggang mga 11PM. Kwentuhan and kwentuhan ng mga drama sa buhay. Labasan ng mga sama ng loob. Ayun, sobrang namiss ko lang siya dahil bihira na kami magkausap ni Cheska eh. Dahil naging busy na sa scool, tapos magkalayo pa kami. Eh ako itong sobrang tamad magtext at makipagchat. Kaya un. Sobrang happy ako dahil nangyari ulit to, ang makipag-date sa kanya.


Bitin na bitin talaga sa amin ang 3-day stay dito sa Baguio! Ang dami naming hindi napuntahan. Tulad ng Mines View, Burnham Park, Right Park, at mga places na pinupuntahan namin nung mga bata pa kami. Kung sa bagay, medyo naging modern na ang pag-iisip namin eh. Ayaw na namin magpunta sa mga Parks, di tulad ng dati. Ngayon puro mall, SM Baguio, Mile Hi Commissary ang madalas namin puntahan. Dapat sa amin, 1 whole week stay dito sa Baguio eh.

Dahil alam ko talagang nag-gain ako ng sobrang laking weight, nag-jogging ako nung umaga. Magandang training na din un para sa run ko sa May 28! Uphill ang route nun eh. Eh eto, bundok talaga. Uphill na uphill. I jog almost half an hour lang, medyo late na rin kasi ako nag-jogging eh. Pero na-solve naman ako. Sarap! After 10 minutes, bago ako pawisan. Grabe ang lamig. 

Second thing in the morning, after ko mag-jogging, we went to Ukay-Ukay again. Nice. Wala naman kasing paki-alamanan dun kung naligo ka na, or kung ano ang suot mo. Ayun, pagkagising na pagkagising nagpunta agad kami ng Ukay. Kami ang unang tao dun. Ang saya sa ukay-ukay. Literal na ang 500 pesos mo, mahaba na ang mararating! 

After makabili sa Ukay, kumain na muna kami. At nadaan kami sa Baguio Cathedral. This is our picture, me with Cheska, in front of the Cathedral. Di pa kami naliligo niyan (di naman masyadong halata diba?). Toothbrush lang. Tignan niyo naman ang suot ko, boxer shorts na may butas sa harapan pa yan.

Nice! Nahanap na rin namin ang Pizza Volante! And it's time to eat our brunch. 

The best Cathedral Window in Baguio. 


Pasta Alfredo.

Mama's order, Porter House Steak.

It's Sunday today kaya umattend naman kami ng mass. This time, nakamaayos na bihis na kami. 

Last minute shopping at Porta Vaga Mall before saying 'Bye-bye Baguio'.

Last goodbye to Baguio's Pine trees. Until our next visit. I'll surely miss the weather and the very kind people of Baguio. Sa uulitin mga kabagis.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Takbo Laban sa DROGA: San Jose City LEG

I think this is the second running event/ fun run that will be conducted here in San Jose, Nueva Ecija. Syempre, parang medyo mahirap mag-organized ng mga ganitong klase ng event lalo na pag maliit lang ang isang City. Pero ang San Jose, nakapagpa-run ulit. WOW! Pero I think this is a provincial activity eh. So pwedeng-pwede nga talaga.

I'm so excited joining this running event. Syempre municipality ng San Jose ang organizer so I must join here. Dapat lang! Sa dami-dami ba naman ng run this May mas pipiliin ko pa bang tumakbo sa ibang lugar kesa dito eh andito na mismo ako ng San Jose. Oh diba? But of course, that's not the only reason why I'm very eager to join this run. I like this run because of its venue! Fresh air compared to Manila's and the view of palayans and bukids around San Jose are very nice. And of course new people that I'm going to meet there diba? Pero mukang madami naman ako makakakilala. Syempre, kababayan eh!

I already planned my work-out and training for this event. I only have two weeks to train for the half-marathon I'm going to joined. I need to lose weight on my upper body. I'm 82 kgs. now, and I'm targeting 75 kgs. Whew! I'm starting to cut those fatty and salty foods and the sweets that I'm obsessed with. Oh men! I can survive this! No chocolates? WTH! Though it's only for two weeks time, it's already prostrating me! Whew! And of course, the legs I'm working on it na!!! No pain, no gain!!!

This is my work-out plans for this week. I already started training yesterday (Monday) and it took well naman. Unfortunately today (Tuesday), I couldn't jog this morning because of PUYAT the night before. Kaya I reschedule ny Tuesday's training tomorrow (Wednesday) and so on. KAYA TO!!! =))

@ San Jose City, Social Circle (KEG-KEG)
May 28, 2011 (Saturday); 5:30AM

Race Categories: 
  • 3K (Kiddie Run & Fun Run)
  • 5K
  • 10K
  • 21K 

This are the maps of the following events:





Hey guys!!! Mga San Josenians out there, sali na kayo!!! See you there. 


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Laguna's Pride

May 02-03, 2011 (Monday-Tuesday)
Enchanted Kingdom, Splash Island

Here are some of the highlights of our Laguna Trip. 

Cousins (w/o Carlo) at the Hotel. 

We're all ready to defy those breath-taking rides! 

Tried Kart Trak (Go Kart) of E.K. 

Excited to drift that kart on the track. Bagay ba? :)

The epic ride, SPACE SHUTTLE!!!

Ecstatic "Bye-Bye"! See you next time. 

DAY 2: Splash Island 

Bakit ung iba hindi nababasa after ng slide, pero bakit kami ni Cheska nabasa? 
Okay mabigat kasi siya. :)

BREAK TIME. Sobrang napagod hindi sa ride, kundi sa pagpunta sa ibat-ibang ride. 
Sobrang busogsogsogsog. 

Mama's so sweet. Oh mukang ayaw lang
makitang mataba siya. :)

'Til next time Laguna! Good bye!