Saturday, October 29, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

When I saw this letter having no person to address to, I got curious. I began to wonder whom that letter should be addressed. And so I read it. I was shocked. I was amazed; amazed of how Papa wrote a such killer letter. Sobrang matalinhaga! Sobrang malaman! Sobrang nakakadala! I'm not that involved to that letter pero masasabi kong "King ina. Kahit di ako un, tinamaan ako." Ganon kalakas ung impact sa akin nung letter not because my Papa was the one who wrote it, but it was the message that really catched me. Kaya to whoever this letter should be addressed, I really hope you can read it.

"I don't want to talk to you about the law, as the law can be interpreted differently to suit one's vested interest.
I don't want to talk to you about the long time honored tradition, as only honorable men honor it, anyway.
I don't want to talk to you about decency and propriety, as we both know the decent and proper thing to do.
I don't want to talk to you about respect for a dearly departed and his family, as it is embedded in our culture.
Neither do I want to talk to you about value for relationships that last - family and true friends, as we both know that in the end, they are our true treasures."

"I don't want to talk to you about all these things - the law, the time honored tradition, decency and propriety, respect for the dead and value for relationships that last - because for some people in politics, these things do not matter that much. And I dare say, correct me if I'm wrong, our issue at hand has gone down to this level because the things I've mentioned above, do not matter to you that much."

"So let me talk to you about politics. I am no expert in it. I don't even have a direct experience in it. I maybe naive on its wheeling and dealings, and the way it works. But I am a keen observant, so take my words for whatever they maybe worth - with a grain of salt, perhaps."

"May I also ask you to be patient with me, as I was patient with you when I tried to call you by phone just to ask for an appointment, but you answered with a litany of laws and justifications for your stand on the issue. I didn't intentionally cut you off. I happened to be using a pre-paid sim and my P150 load expired. My apologies!"

"Lesson No. 1: A good leader knows how to listen. For an aspiring leader like you, its best to heed this advice."

"Let us take the case of Pres. Noynoy Aquino. The guy didn't have any immediate plans of running for the Presidency. But because of the death of his beloved mother, he was pushed into it and eventually won overwhelmingly. Pia Cayetano, unknown at that time, was thrown into the limelight after the death of her father and won a seat at the Senate. Magnolia Antonio, a substitute candidate for her husband who died during the campaign, was elected Senator despite the odds."

"Or why do you think Jinggoy Estrada, a second rate actor, and his mother, Dra. Loi Ejercito won the election after Pres. Erap was thrown out of MalacaƱang. Or how come Sen. Orly Mercado, a popular figure with that pepsodent smile and a shoo-in every election in the past, lost in his bid for the Senate in the same election? He was perceived to be a 'traitor' by Erap's followers."

"My friend, take a hard look at the psyche of the voting Filipinos. Profit by these examples and pay heed to the warning. Need I say the obvious?"

"I often here from astute politicians that politics is addition. It is always a numbers game."

"Ano sa tingin mo ang nararamdaman ng isang pamilya na nawalan ng ama, at ngayon ay inaagawan pa ng karapatdapat para sa kanya? Ano sa tingin mo ang nararamdaman ng isang pamilya, sa taong inaakala nila na kasama at kasangga subalit ngayon ay siya pang masidhi ang pagnanasa na agawin ang nararapat para sa kanilang ama?"

"Kaibigan, alam ko na matapos ang isang matinding pagkatalo, ay nais mong magbalik pulitika."

"Huwag mong maliitin ang lakas at kakayahan ng isang tao na nahalal ng dalawang ulit bilang Kapitan ng isang Barangay na marunong magmahal ng sariling kanila. Huwag mong maliitin ang lakas at kakayahan ng isang tao na nahalal ng limang ulit bilang Kagawad ng ating Lungsod. Huwag mong maliitin ang lakas at kakayahan ng isang tao na hindi pa nakakatanggap ng pagkatalo sa kanyang mga laban - ang kauna-unahang Kagawad ng ating Lungsod at nag-iisa sa kasalukuyan, na nakabalik mula sa sapilitang pamamahinga sa pulitika. Huwag mong maliitin ang isang politiko na ang pangunahing sandata ay ang kanyang pamilya at yaman sa pakikisama."

"Paalala lang sa iyo kaibigan, sa ginagawa mo ngayon, I dare say to you: YOU HAVE NOTHING TO GAIN BUT EVERYTHING TO LOSE! Huwag mong hayaang ito ang maging tuldok sa iyong buhay pulitika."

----> "Are you wondering why Pres. Gloria Macapagal - Arroyo was haunted by the issue of legitimacy during her incumbency that up to now so many people are unkind to her? It was perceived by the people that she stole the Presidency, not only once but twice."

Enough said...


(Updated: 11-27-2011)

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