Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I wonder why. . .

Another day had been passed, and I still can't believed Tatay was already gone. What last Sept. 25's tragedy wasn't easy for me to just sinked it in. It was like a disease without cure. It keeps on killing me from deep sorrow and pain. Why did you do this to me? To Mama? To Nanay? To us? You should've at least wait for Christmas and New Year. Or if possible just until my birthday, or until my graduation. Why did you leave us so soon? I even got no chance of saying "Tay, andito ako. Complete tayo sa Sunday hapunan natin." But no. You're too selfish for leaving us so soon. You're so unfair! You made us all feel that you didn't fight for yourself, that you didn't fight for us. It was like you just drop your gun, raise your white flag and you just surrender your life. What kind of life would be for us now without you? If you're the only strength that we're sticking to. I really missed you, Tay! 


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