Wednesday, September 19, 2012

RUN Post # 1: Training for Adidas KOTR '12, 11 days left

11 days before Adidas KOTR 2012, and I can't stop my feet from training. Running myself for approximately 10 kilometers once every other day until Sept 30 is my program for my 16.8K run. 

This will be my comeback run since last year's Unilab Run United 3 (I was ranked 553rd place out of 2191 runners) and I'm not including the Outbreak Manila in Nuvali coz it was a damn full-packed Zombie hurdles and you just fucking need to think wisely (maging LAON ka dapat) on how to outrun those shit Zombies. But really, I do enjoy that run especially when I outrun those nasty Zombies for my life, este for the medal. (buti wala ako sakit sa puso)

 Just a proof for you guys to believe me that I really outrun the Zombies, and can you spot that red flag on my right (on your left of course)? That's my one last life to get that Survivor Medal. Get lost zombies. 

Even though I'm puyat, I still need to go out and train. No excuses!

'Coz every 21K finisher suffers the pain of discipline and not the pain of regret.

 Sweating for me is like eating coz it makes me SMILE in the MORNING. 

My 3-year old Mizuno shoes, not so old though.

Sorry for not posting OTS (on the spot) training pics for I need to focus on my training and can't bring my phone with me. Hassle. Maybe next time I'll buy a rehydration belt with a pocket so I can bring my phone w/ me and take some shots of where I train and of what scenery I see. (but during breaks only, focus dapat while training

Happy running! 

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