Friday, September 21, 2012

RUN Post # 2: Failed to extend for another 5K

9 days before my 16.8K Adidas King of the Road run, and I still can't improve my training. That sucks! Maybe because I'm lack of sleep (I slept almost 1:00 AM waiting for my phone's update to finish) so I can't push myself harder or maybe because I'm alone in training? But...I don't think so coz I have an iPod (my alternative running buddy) with me. In every beat of the song I'm listening there comes a strong stride from my feet pushing myself to its limit. Still I finished my usual training, a 10K run with a time of 59 mins

Right after I finished my 10K training.

Wearing my Adidas KOTR 2010 singlet. Not too obvious that I'm excited for the 30th, right? 

My feet's craving for mooooore K's. O sige, bukas ka sakin!

4 training days to go. 

Happy running!

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