Tuesday, September 11, 2012

4th Post: La Marea Pastry Shop and Lavazza Café

I told you I still got that vacation hangover from my trip last week to Cebu. I'm still delighted in all the things I've seen in Cebu, sobrang gaganda at babait ng mga tao dito kaya sure na sure akong babalikan ko tong lugar na to. 

After having breakfast at Glo Cafe, Crown Regency Plaza, that serves us and the other guests a one damn full-packed American buffet breakfast, we crave for some Cebuano desserts. Oo, nabitin pa kami sa buffet breakfast namin sa lagay na un ah kaya nakuha pa namin lumipat ng ibang café para mag-dessert. 

The unsatisfied (being sarcastic) buffet eaters: Tita Ellen, Cheska, Jamie, and Just.

We don't have any idea where to eat good desserts here in Cebu. Thanks to my mom who's really excited to my trip even though she's not going with me, she searched a lot about Cebu delicacies, tourist destinations and a lot more activities we can do here.

Nag-cab kami para mahanap tong La Marea dahil di namin alam ung exact address nitong shop. Buti na lang alam ni manong driver kung saan ung Crossroads kaya nakapunta kami dito, you're the best Manong Dong! 

And these lovely sins teasing us!

Second floor view.

View from the outside. What a bright and sunny day!

And here comes our sinful desserts:
 Classic Warm Brownie Cup - This one was their best seller. But I must admit, I didn't enjoy it hundred percent. Yeah, I'm not an ice cream person but I like how it was presented with chocolate syrup and sprinkles on top. But the sad part here was the chocolate brownies. It just didn't complement my taste. I suggest you try Death by Chocolate of Hill Station Baguio.

 Mango Tiramisu - I love mangoes and I love this too. 

 Braso de Mercedes - This one was really cool. It's like a tiara inspired dessert. The presentation was really good but the taste's just fine. 

 Blueberry Cheese Cream Trifle - My favorite! I'm a cheesecake person yeah and this one was the BEST. Dapat ito ung best seller nila eh. Okay, I'll recommend it the next time I went back here. 

Iced Almond Latte - Unsatisfied drink. Sorry. I rather drink water!

OVERALL: I wasn't satisfied hundred percent. Siguro mga 65% lang dahil maganda and cozy naman ung place tsaka very accommodating naman ang mga Cebuano staffs kaya okay na rin. I suggest them to improve their cakes, make it more chewy and creamy. Focus on the taste and not on the looks.

Happy eating!

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