Thursday, October 4, 2012

RUN Post # 4: Coming back at Adidas KOTR 2012 16.8K Run

Runner:   17184
Event:      16.8 K
Time:       1 hour, 53 mins, & 3 secs

Btw sorry for posting this late for I have no Internet connection since Monday, DIGITEL SUCKS, that I need to write it down first on a piece of paper just to freshly remember my thoughts on this blog post. (Yeah, I have a not-so-sharp memory) Pens are still sharper than brains just so you know. 

And another thing, thank you to Ate Cheena for generously sharing her super bilis na PLDT Internet to me. Without it, baka sa December ko na mai-post 'to.

Oh well here it goes. . .

@ Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
5K, 10K, 16.8K

I joined the not so usual event in marathons, the 16.8K run, an approximately 10 mile run. I do not have any idea behind this event, why's it not the usual exact half-marathon, 21K event? Bakit pa may gansal na 800 meters? Pauso lang ba 'to ng Adidas? Tell me please. 

So here are some of my pictures in action!

Photos grabbed from Proactive and Pinoy Fitness. Many thanks!

16.8 K finishers. (L-R) Ate Ana. Kuya Pau. Me. Kuya Cholo.


And of course. . . 

The finisher's medal. It isn't given, it's earned

I'm so glad to be back in running! Finishing a marathon, no matter what pain I feel and what time I finished it, is the most important and memorable part in marathons. That finisher's medal and post-kits are just bonus, and yes of course the finisher shirts are something you can be proud of, (too bad Adidas KOTR aren't giving one, maganda naman na kasi singlet nila kaya pwede nang wala) but still no one compares the feeling of finishing a marathon. So ecstatic. 

For more details about Adidas KOTR 2012 results, check this out:

Happy running!

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