Sunday, October 21, 2012

13th FAVE EATS: Nai Cha @ Chowking

Hey. Hey. Hey! Guess who's back? 

Wow! I missed you guys. I've been so busy this past week coz I'm already having my on-the-job appraisal training in Muñoz City, NE. And I can't find extra time on blogging, but don't you worry my fellow bloggers, I read all your posts (of course, only to those blogs I follow). Okay, this one's getting longer, I must stop now. 

NaiCha Pearl Milk Tea (Php 43)

Okay please, don't believe this picture it's deceiving us. This one is for promotional purposes only, this isn't the real deal here.

And this is the real one. See the difference? It's always konti sa totoong buhay. Kaya wag kang maniwala sa picture, niloloko lang tayo nyan. 

Nowadays, milk teas are getting popular to Filipinos. Proof? There are a lot of Milk Tea chains sprouting everywhere now, especially near schools. And it's becoming a stiff competition between frappé's and milk teas. Yeah! Cha Time, Gong Cha, Serenitea, Happy Lemon, Simple Line, Moon Leaf, D'Cream and Cha Dao to name a few. 

I already tried it all and they all have their own specialties and taste differences. I really can't tell what's the best or what's my favorite among them, but I definitely like them all. I'm not only a coffee addict but also I'm a tea junkie

Since there's no milk tea chain here in Nueva, poor me, this Chowking's NaiCha Pearl Milk Tea is my indulgence whenever I crave for milk tea. It's only 43 pesos, not bad. And hey, it's really good. It's a stimulating blend of pure tealeaf extracts, milk, thick caramel syrups, and of course pearls.

So if happen you're living in a province like me, and there's no milk tea chains available in your place, try this Nai Cha Milk Tea of Chowking and it will surely be your oh-so favorite drink too. Don't forget to pair it with Siopao Asado and Pork Siomai, okay?

RATING: 8.5 of 10

Happy eating!


  1. I love the Chowking nai cha tea too, but indeed it looks so unlike the one in their ad :) Good luck in your ojt! :)

  2. Yeah, pang-advertisement lang talaga ang nasa picture. Haha thanks man!

  3. never thoug hma ymilk tea sa chowking..fried chicken lang kasi habol ko run .. ma try nga

  4. Haha oo men, masarap din milk tea nila.