Friday, October 12, 2012

11th FAVE EATS: Angel's Meal @ Heaven's Barbeque

In my 1 week stay here in Makati for my appraisal training, every night is a "pahirapan-kung-saan-kakain" night for us. So last Wednesday night, my cousin and I decided to eat at the nearest street with food trip-ings, in Malugay Street.

If you haven't had any idea where it is located, go Google it (just kidding haha). It's along Buendia Ave/ Gil Puyat Ave in Makati.

7224 Malugay St., Bel-Air Village, Makati City
(02) 894-3899, (02) 893-4715

Trying out the new Panorama feature in iOS 6. This is cool!

Angel's Meal (Php 133/ Soloflight) - My favorite barbecue! It's a chicken barbecue strips on a studded bacon rice. Sounds godly, eh? But trust me, it's way way better in real life. I promise you, cut my fingers if it doesn't takes you to heaven. I dare you. 

The chicken skin's a bit overcooked but the taste of the meat doesn't suffer much. I can still smack the juicy taste of the chicken meat, no problem at all. 

Their barbecue sauce is the best! It's a sauce made in heaven, indeed. I don't know really if they're the one who's making it, naka-sachet lang kasi. But I don't care, it's the best anyway. Saraaap!

And what can I say about their bacon rice? It's the best partner of their chicken barbecue and their sauce. It's a one big happy family, este meal. 

This is my favorite guys, so it's a must. 'Wag ka na magdalawang isip, dito ka na sa Heaven's Barbeque.

RATING: 9.5 of 10

Happy eating!


  1. Chicken barbecue strips on bacon rice? Man, I gotta try that out! :)

  2. Yeah, you better try it. It's heavenly nice :)

  3. masarap ba talaga? pahirapan nanaman sa pag hahanap niyan

  4. Oo dude masarap. Meron silang branch sa Makati, sa Malugay street malapit sa The Zone Badminton Center.