Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy First Year Running Anniversary!

Happy 1st Anniversary to me! I’m now officially a pro, 'di na ako newbie sa marathons.

One year had past and still I’m really into it. Parang drugs pala, na once you started it, it’s so hard to quit. And of course, I had no plans of quitting in running naman so it's not a problem getting addicted to it. It already became an element to me. Kumbaga sa dinuguan, ito ang puto ko. Kumbaga sa liver, ito ang dugo ko. At kumbaga sa inbox, ito ang text mo. Aysooos. Basta, running became a part of me na. Most of my classmates told me nga na, “Ano ba Justin, takbo ka na lang nang takbo”. And I always keep on telling them na running is really fun, that's why I keep on running and joining marathons. They haven't tried it pa kasi, kaya they really can’t tell what’s the real deal here. Sa totoo lang, sobrang ibang klaseng feeling kasi ang nararamdaman ko when I finished a race. Para ka na ring tumama ng jueteng. Basta kakaiba ang feeling. Sobrang fulfillment.

This picture was taken last March 14, 2010 @ Unilab Run for Wellness 1 2010, a RunRio organized event last year, part of the RunRio Marathon Trilogy. This was my first marathon event, and I joined the 10K. At first, I was so nervous kasi nga baka di ko matapos ang 10K. But I did it. I was timed at 1hr:8min:32sec. Nice PR (personal record) for a newbie, huh? But most of all, the best thing here was I continuously run until I reached the finish line, not stopping at all. Kahit sa mga water stations, every time I got water/ gatorade, I always jog pa rin. I never stop talaga, and that’s the spirit!

Happy running!

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