Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mama's Sizzling Gambas

December 2nd:

Mama's Recipe

After devouring some meat, it is time for Mama to cook something less guilt-free dish. Seafood it is. And let's all salute her for her own recipe of Sizzling GAMBAS!

Mama should learn how to present her dish appetizing. Parang nalunod ung hipon sa gulay eh. 

But despite of the not-so-pleasing look of Mama's Sizzling Gambas, haha I love you Ma, it still tastes best. It's my favorite. And I don't care how it looks like, as long as it's masarap and niluto mula sa puso. (Yown)

And then she added her old-school recipe, favorite side dish, button mushrooms & kernel corn with worcestershire sauce. Simply the best!

Happy eating!

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