Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Best of 2015 (3/5) ft. HK-Macau Trip

Part 3

I'm getting excited here and I'm warning you please brace yourselves Pinoys (and foreigns if there are any), there's a lot of bad words cumming. 


• Spartacus' 3rd Birthday & his cake
• Lantau Island, Hong Kong
• Tai O Fishing Village, HK
• Ocean Park, HK
• Hong Kong Food Trips
• Galaxy Macau/ The Venetian Macao
• Ruins of St. Paul's
• Santissimo Rosario Parish, UST



Crema de Fruta @ Eriel's Bakeshop

Skippy Peanut Butter w/ Dark Chocolate
No need to Stir!!

Spartacus' 3rd Birthday with his Scooby Doo Cake from Eriel's Bakeshop

Ordered Assorted Sushi (Homemade) for Spark's birthday. Lucky me, he doesn't like it. Wohoo! Sushi party! 

Our daily grind for 4 months until **haixst**

Sweet 'N Spicy Sugpo

Oreo Strawberry Shortcake @ Marquez Restaurant

Nanay's Birthday @ FANSOL Resort 
L-R: Kalderetang Kambing, Pork Dinuguan, Crispy Hipon, Fried Chicken, Kanin
Buro, Talong, Okra, Mustasa, Grilled Tilapia & the panghimagas.

@ Teppanya (Teppanyaki • Sushi • Bar) 

Ang walang kupas na Chicken Pecho ni Mang Inasal.

Cheese Ramen and Kimbap only here at San Jose, Nueva Ecija

Homemade Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes from my cousins.
Available soon at Hotel Francesko SW. Now promoting. 

Someone visited me home, my best friend from college. The imbentor of "talking-kambing".
@ Farmhouse Cafe


I can eat you all day, my Cheesy Eggdesal.

Going light(er) on my pizza, Margherita Cheese w/ Sun-Ripended Tomatoes @ Pizza Hut.
Excuse that sausage stuffed crust.

Seriously? Humanda-handa ka na Mayweather.

Kambal Pandesal's Choco Ensaymada

Barkada Burger just for me and Mama @ Farmhouse Café

Crispy Banana Split @ Farmhouse Café

Espasol de Leche @ Dairy Box, PCC

Stir-fried Korean Beef 

@ Ngong Ping 360, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Solo-ing here @ Po Lin Monastery, Lantau Island, HK

 We rode a roller coaster boat just to try our luck for Pink Dolphins. Eh may balat pala sa pwet mga kasama ko.  

Selfie with Tian Tan Big Buddha @ Lantau Island, HK

Custard Cream Puff @ Chez Choux, Mongkok Station HK

Bubble Egg Waffle @ Tai O Fishing Village, Lantau Island, HK

First sit-down meal in Hong Kong @ Tai O Fishing Village

L-R: Seafoods and Pansit. 
Hao Chi

The very mabait Ate Carmen, who gave us sweet orange zest she made. Pinoy talaga kahit saan, sobrang sweet. 

Hongkongese are selling Husbands. Ano Ches, balik ka?

We got so hungry after the long hours of our day trip, buti na lang there's Ichiran @ Causeway Bay serving us food pornstars 24 hours. 
We got there at 1AM, but there's still a lot people waiting in lines. Not that long, buti na lang madaling-araw na so we got in after waiting 10 minutes. Try to search it on how people freak out due to Ichiran's long queues.

My check-lang-nang-check Ramen @ Ichiran, Causeway Bay
PS: Ichiran is only for single people. People who are in-a-relatioship must give way.

Mobile Softee in the streets of HK. 

L-R: (Food Only) Soy Chicken Rice, Roasted Goose Rice, Roasted Goose Noodles
Magic Word: char siew
@ Yat Lok Restaurant, Stanley Street, Central, HK

Best f*cking egg tart on planet!! 

@ Tai Cheong Bakery, Central, HK

The Original HK Milk Tea @ Lan Fong Yuen, Central, HK

@ Ocean Park, Hong Kong 

I never been caught in the act, until.

HK street food, world's best!! 

Kung saan madumi, dun masarap.
Hello trashcan!

Thai Iced Tea near Ladies Market in Mong Kok 

Thai Fried Rice, for my midnight snack.

We ain't done yet, Coffee Cheesecake w/ Cookie Ice Cream
@ Chung Kee Dessert, Jordan

Good morning, Galaxy Macau.


Braised meat-selves, Jerkers are coming.
Beef Jerky @ Bee Cheng Hiang, Historic City Center, Macau

My nth Egg Tart. 180 calories in a single 65 gram egg tart.

Portuguese Curry Chicken @ 7 Burger, Macau

Architects, what can you say about this structure?
@ Ruins of St. Paul's, Macau

@ St. Dominic's Church, Macau

I'll be back for you Macau Tower, bungy-ing.

Sugar, spice, and everything nice @ Godiva, The Venetian Macau

MOMOL while riding the Gondola @ The Venetian

Psst! Enge!
(Maghihiwalay kayo, sige.)

Cheesecake (na binurger) @ Lord Stow's and Green Tea (Lawson)

@ DimDimSum Dim Sum Specialty Store, Jordan, HK

Lawson Finds (Lemon Swiss Roll)
Peyborit din kaya to ni Sansa Stark?

Fry's Peppermint Cream (it's cold btw)

Francisco-Evidente Reunion Lunch 
@ Farmhouse Café

This one is for my friend in college, hindi po ako araw-araw nakakakita ng kalabaw at sapa, at bukid at bibe like you can see on this picture. And also, hindi pa rin po ako nakakasakay ng kalabaw mismo, hanggang sa patuke lang

I've been to Cebu many times already, but it's my first time to try this Mango Chocolate.
Hayyy, sweet memories of Cebu.

Grilled Pink Salmon

Shrimp Pasta Aglio e Olio for the second time.

M2 Mini-Reunion/ Bridal Shower for that girl with the biggest pisnge.

Hot Mocha @ Costa Coffee

Chicken & Mojos @ Shakey's 

Texas Chicken BBQ Pizza @ Shakey's 

My tumatandang family @ Matutina's Seafood Restaurant


Ube Macapuno Cake from Marquez Restaurant

L-R: Beef Salpicao, Lamb Chops, Tiramisu
@ Salcedo Saturday Market 

Man of Honor(-ing) at my college bestfriend's wedding.
@ Santissimo Rosario Parish, UST

Reception held @ Teatrillo, Intramuros

Marquez's Chap Chae

Royal Bibingka from Ilocos

Happiness in one bag.
Have a break. Have a Kit Kat.

Cheesy Thins @ Pizza Hut

Texas Bake Pasta @ Pizza Hut

Trying out this new Toasted Cheddar crust of Pizza Hut.
Mayo-mustard on my pizza, why not? 

July, August & September done.
I will surely missed you.

Second to the last part of my 2015 (4/5) ft. my Tokyo/ Kyoto/ Osaka, Japan Trip, coming up. (Oct - Nov - Dec)

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