Friday, April 10, 2015

IMBENTO ni IMELDA: Grilled Pink Salmon with Toasted Garlic


Our favorite thing in the world, Kani Salad. 

Caviars on my salad gives a little saltiness on it, making it perfect with the sweetness of the mangoes and creaminess of the Japanese mayo. Plus those crab freaking sticks, oh-some! 


My mom loves garlic. Actually, we all love garlic. It really helps to control our weight. But not for us, OK? Absolutely not for us. Definitely definitely not for us. 

Well the pink salmon has its own distinct taste. Sweet juice! Among all the omega-3-loaded and protein-loaded fish, this is my favorite. No doubt. 

After finishing my slab I suddenly asked my mom if we could keep alive salmon at home, but she said no. Ok fine. Just cooked for me more of these as often as possible. 

Happy eating!

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