Sunday, July 28, 2013

Time Waits for No One

I save a lot of guts writing this post. Days and weeks of thinking, deciding whether to post this or not. But it's finally done. Yes, it's already posted and all of you readers can see it now. 

Nowadays, having a tattoo is not being rebellious or something. It's part of one's statement. And besides every tattoo has it's own meaning and story. So here is mine.

Tempus Neminem Manet which means 'Time Waits for No One'

Since college, I've always wanted to have a tattoo. But of course I was still a teenager then and I'm afraid my parents finding out if I got inked. I'll definitely be screwed up if I did it that time. Baka mawalan pa ako ng mana. Haha. But seriously now, 21 years of age, earning my own money, understands what's right and what's wrong, matured enough to get things done on my own, I think it's time to give myself a little chance to do what I really want in my life. 

I've waited 4 years for this, and I'm happy with my decision to get a tattoo. 

Yes to my first ink!


  1. Gusto ko tribal tattoo but I'm having 2nd thoughts. Pag nagawa na kc I have no choice but 2 stick with it.

    1. Kaya dapat bago ka magpatattoo, 500% sure ka na dahil isipin mo wala ng burahan to!

  2. A lot of my friends here in Canada get themselves inked at 17. :) Im glad you decided to get one too!